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CouponColor is made with passion of helping people save on their purchases. We have a team of professionals and community members who work day and night to hunt of coupons and deals for you. Our website is updated multiple times in a day to include new and exclusive coupons. Briefly our website offers below services

    • Coupon codes
    • Printable coupons
    • Deals
    • Local printable grocery coupons or deals
    • Tips to save money
Online Coupons
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Online coupons are exclusively valid for purchasing different items on the Internet and are not used at the outside store. Majority of business do business exclusively online to save money on overhead cost and also pass the savings to customers when they buy online. We strive to provide you best saving coupons which are either unavailable on other sites or are not kept in a user friendly search format. To get the best coupon, you can find it on our  home page, search it from the top box at each page of website and simply visit store page on the site.

Printable Coupons
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Majority of small or big stores offer printable coupons that can be used to get discounts on the purchases at such stores. You can get printable coupons on our sites. You can either search it at our CouponColor or simply visit below link for printable grocery coupons.

Local Coupons or Grocery Coupons
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Printable Coupons which can be  redeemed at your local neighbourhood stores are known as LOCAL COUPONS. To get local coupons available in your region, simply visit printable coupon page and enter your zip code on the left side of the page. Here is the link to the printable coupon page.

How to use coupons?
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As you browse, you'll see below links:

$10 off $50 coupon       20% off on total order      Click here to claim

Click on the coupon that you find and want to use it for your purchase. If a “ coupon code” is provided , you saving will be automatically applied to your orders. It is advised you verify your discount before finalizing your order.

Note: When you click on the online coupon , it will take you to merchant website without seeing the coupon. At merchant site, you may be required to enter the coupon that is saved in your system, you can simply paste the coupon to redeem the discount.

What does "Coupon Code" mean?
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Almost all stores offer online coupons to attract users to make purchases on discounted prices. While shopping online, some stores may ask you to enter the “enter code” to receive promotional price. The coupon code is saved into your browser when you click on the link at and all you have to do simply paste the coupon code if merchant requires on its site.
Please make sure that discounts have been applied before finalizing your order at the merchant’s site.
Below is shown an example of how to shop using a coupon code.

    • Click on the coupon code if you find and want to use, the website allows you to save coupon code in your browse
    • Upon clicking on the coupon code, you will be directed to merchant site
    • Shop the site and paste the coupon code during checkout
Does charges?
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No. we provide free services.

Does require personal information?
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No, CouponColor does not require visitors to register or share personal information. Please refer to Privacy policy.

Does provide a newsletter?
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Yes, CouponColor mails weekly newsletter of specifically selected coupons of the week. The weekly newslatter include exclusive coupons, new coupons and popular coupons for the week.
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